Don Giovanni Sing Through and Orientation: May 30th

Today has been such a busy day!!

7:30 Breakfast

9:00 Leave hotel for orientation

We left the hotel and used the U4 train line to go to Pilgramgasse, where most of our musical and staging rehearsals will be before we move into the theatre we will be using for our shows.


10:00 Orientation

We were introduced to everyone, including faculty. We will be receiving a lot of emails, including daily schedules.

Don Giovanni has 3 different casts and is being put on in 3 weeks! So, we have an extremely intensive couple of weeks.


11:00-14:00 Audition Masterclass with Daniel Sarge/Death by Aria

We met Daniel Sarge, highly recommended vocal coach (the personal coach of Anna Netrebko, one of my favorite opera singers). He gave us a few pointers before diving into our “Death by Aria” sing.

Don’t worry, no one died. Including characters in any song..

This concept is more of a sing in front of your peers. Everyone is at different levels and is able to observe other people in the same profession. We have singers ranging from 20-32. (Atleast, from our Festival group).

There are several professional singers who live in Vienna that are also singing with us. They did not participate in Death by Aria, but were able to hear us sing for the first time. (Although most of us were jetlagged…)

I sang Saper vorreste from Un ballo in maschera by Verdi. BUT…Mr. Sarge threw me a curveball! Normally, we would start by announcing our name and what we were going to sing, like an audition. Yet, when I gave him my music, he told me he would ask me to do the tempo in the tempo of different conductors. No messing around here! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to work with him for too long, but we will get time to work with him for individual coachings during our weeks here.


14:00 Break

Went to a delicious Chilean place nearby our rehearsal space. Yummy enchiladas!


15:00-18:00 Sing-through of Don Giovanni (Only musical numbers, no recitative)

All 3 casts were singing together! A new experience for all of us. Especially since some voice types are bigger or smaller, it was weird to have a sort of “chorus” of sound for each vocal part.

Turns out I learned a lot of music we didn’t need to learn for our performances… (What can we say, we Zerlina’s are overachievers!)

Just good to know that I am confident in my music and can hopefully do as Maestro wants.


19:15- Leave hotel for Swedenplatz


19:45- Dinner at Swedenplatz

Swedenplatz is by the 1st district of Vienna. We ended up getting street food that we could bring on our walk around the area. We went to UBox, which was a falafel place that served in a sandwich, box, or plate. Very yummy, but I couldn’t finish the whole box.


20:15- Walking tour led by locals

Joel and Lisa, two Americans who live here in Vienna, gave us a guided tour. We are walking around areas where we will have lessons and coachings. Soon, we will have to use the transit system by ourselves!

We walked by Stefansplatz, St. Peter’s, MozartHaus Museum, other shopping centers, the National library, and where the emperor’s palace and wall were standing. Currently, the emperor’s palace has been converted into museums or other cultural buildings. We finished our tour for the night by the Wiener Staatsoper. Gorgeous from the outside! Der Rosenkavalier has its last show tonight and Rigoletto is starting in June. They have standing room tickets and an outside projection screen where one can sit down and watch the opera outside!

Some of us are going to try and see Rigoletto on the 6th!

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