Coaching with James Pearson and 1st international milonga: May 31st

Today is not an intensive day.

Here is what is on my schedule:

13:00-15:00: Don Giovanni Cast 1. Staging No’s 1-4

15:30- 17:30: Sing through of Suor Angelica

16:30- 17:30: Coaching with James Pearson


When this situation occurs in a schedule, lessons and coachings take priority!

So, I miss the sing through of Suor and don’t have to be present at the Don Giovanni rehearsal, since Zerlina (my character) is not singing in those four numbers.


I took an extra 2 hour nap after breakfast this morning to be able to move around during the day.

After my nap, I went to the rehearsal area around noon. I stopped by a Himalayan restaurant called “The Yin and the Yak”. It was only a few feet from our rehearsal space.

The buffet was delicious, featuring a Nepalese twist on Indian dishes like Aloo Matar Gobi and their own mixed vegetable dishes. I had a little bit of every vegetarian dish and sat in the little meditation garden area. It was a little slice of  Himalayan heaven in Vienna! There was a little breeze that hit the prayer flags hanging by the walls of the courtyard and plenty of tables with little Himalayan salt crystals. It was an overall peaceful area.


I returned to the rehearsal space and met up with Jubin, who will be playing my Masetto.

We rehearsed some of our recitative scenes together. I still had an hour to kill before my coaching, so we walked around the area. He’s a native of Austria. He has a performance of Die Zauberflöte on Friday, so some of us will go to support him! All the Mozart opera!

Finally, it was time to walk to Mr. Pearson’s apartment for my coaching. We went over several scenes of Zerlina that I wanted some extra work on. Then, we worked on “Caro Nome”… a piece that I am ready to start taking to the next level. He was extremely helpful and gave me suggestions for how this piece is being done currently. I had been singing in an old-fashioned way like singers of the 50’s and 60’s…who I tend to listen to. Now days, people are starting to follow the score more. More food for thought!


After the coaching, I returned to the hotel to change before going to a local milonga. I found the event on Facebook and decided to go! I ended up taking the subway all the way to Hütteldorf (the last stop), instead of Längenfeldgasse (the stop where I needed to go!)

After realizing my mistake, I took the subway back to Längenfeldgasse and walked the rest of the way. I thought I would be terribly late since the milonga was to start at 20:00. When I arrived, only 4 other people were there. Turns out my little adventure through the stations made me fashionably late.

I danced with the milonga host and DJ, Isi. He told me of another milonga on Sunday, which tends to be a much bigger crowd. I plan to attend!

Though, 3 more leads showed up about 30 minutes later. I ended up only sitting down for one tanda set. So my 5 Euros were put to good use!

I met a few people there and told them about our upcoming performances. Gotta start getting an audience… now!


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