Masterclass and Gelato: June 1st


10:00-12:00: Masterclass with Evelyn

15:30-17:30: Suor Angelica Rehearsal Staging


I woke up at 6:30 to go workout at 7. There is a nearby park close to our hotel. I found a little spot, claimed it as my own, and did a short HIIT workout for about 20 minutes.

Returned for breakfast and got ready for the masterclass today. We received new monthly transit passes! They tend to not check them here in Vienna. But, if they catch you without a ticket, you receive a $100 dollar fine.

So, the bottom line is… DON’T FORGET YOUR TICKET!


The Masterclass gave an opportunity for 8 singers to work with Evelyn, even though they are having lessons with other teachers.

She brought up some great points throughout the class. Most focused on relaxation in the entire body, making the sound “out in front of you” and “pockets of air” for each note or at the upper lip. Some other topics of discussion when not singing where talking about trust between student and teacher and how to deal with situations where you want the best for your voice.


After the masterclass, Zach, Christie and I went to Schwedenplatz to look for some lunch. We found a cute little restaurant nearby where our walking tour was on the 30th. We ended up having delicious gnocchi! After lunch, we tried a gelateria that Joel, a local and a fellow cast member, recommended. I got the hazelnut flavor, because that’s how I can judge a gelato place! Delicious!


We walked to the nearby music store, gazed at all the beautiful bound vocal scores, and headed back to the rehearsal area. I needed to be there for the Suor Angelica rehearsal. Gabrielle, who plays Suor Genovieffa (who I am covering) was feeling a bit of a sore throat. I went to see if she needed me to sing for her, but she didn’t need me.

I ended up going back to the hotel to work and head in for an early night. The previous night was a late one, so I wanted to be recovered for tomorrow.

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