A Day of Opera in Vienna: June 2nd

Our schedule:

9:30-11:00am Senses and Stage Instincts

12:00-15:00 Dress Rehearsal Parsifal at Theatre an der Wien

17:00-18:00 Daniel Sarge coaching with Byron Chow


After breakfast, we headed to our “home base” for our 9:30 class with Vincent. We were told to wear comfortable clothes we could move around in.

The class started with an improvisation exercise, like the ones seen on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

After several of those exercises, we were asked to “face our fears”. This was to tie in to our two operas that deal with sacrifice and everyone trying to attack you. Needless to say, we were all feeling a little shaken afterwards.

We did one exercise that ended up being an analysis into the three women in Don Giovanni: Zerlina, Donna Elvira, and Donna Anna. We each portrayed different emotions: pain, lust, and tenderness.

This was to delve into the uncomfortable, the vulnerable, and the inner memories that we may have to tap into as artists to convey such powerful emotions.


After the class, we took the subway to Naschmarkt. We walked to Theatre an der Wien to watch the dress rehearsal of Parsifal. This is a new opera, not to be confused with the Wagner opera. One of Vincent’s friends got us all comp tickets for the dress rehearsal.

This was the weirdest opera I have ever seen. The supertitles were in German, but in a sort of gibberish or some dialect I was unfamiliar with. The setting was almost as if there was a colony on the moon, people who considered animals holy, and who were trying to find the “cure” for some sort of sickness through the work of art.

But there was a dragon breathing fire, Spongebob PEZ dispensers, Spongebob coming down from the ceiling, and a countertenor in a sort of Borat bathing suit contraption.

I am not kidding.

I left after the first act, like many other audience members. Some who stayed for the second act, left after that one! I am not sure what the purpose or the storyline was. We will be scouring the internet for a review…


I went back to the hotel quickly to gather my belongings before our piano coaching with Byron. Mr. Daniel Sarge would be coaching Byron Chow, our collaborative pianist, on our pieces for our recital program. He worked with Jessica, Brenna, and me on our respective songs. It was a fun coaching, and he never heard of the “Cinco Canciones Populares Argentinas” by Ginastera that I brought in. It was a fun experience… and we fangirled and got a picture with him. 🙂


Afterwards, Jessica and I met up with Christie to see our friends Jubin and Lukas in a production of Die Zauberflote. After that strange opera earlier, we needed some Mozart to set our minds back to normal.

We had to take the U-Bahn 6 line to Alser Strase, but unfortunately the line was stopped at Langengasse. We hopped back on the U4 line to get to the opposite direction, and ended up finally at the theatre.

This was a community production, so most of the singers were community hobby singers, and some students were asked to fill in for several roles. Jubin played Papageno and Lukas played Monostatos. It was cute production with a child-like twist!


After the show, we headed back to the hotel and went to a nearby pizzeria called Pizza Quartier. We ordered two pizzas and ended up getting vodka shots.


WHOA?! Why did you get vodka, Nadia?

Because we are paranoid about getting sick!


Gabrielle had a fever the previous night and was still showing flu like symptoms. Jessica, Christie, and I are all playing Zerlina. I am also covering Gabrielle in Suor Angelica. We figured the best way to combat any cold like symptoms and get our immune systems in gear is to drink plenty of water, sleep well, take our vitamins, and have one vodka shot.

Anna Netrebko swears by it! And my coach, Nadiya, also swears by it.

We gave Grappa, and Italian vodka a shot. 🙂

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