Staging Rehearsals and recover day: June 4th

Today’s schedule

11:00-13:00pm Don Giovanni Cast 3

13:00-13:30 Costume Showing Female Leads

14:3-16:30 Don Giovanni Cast 2

18:00-20:00 Don Giovanni Cast 1


I skipped yoga to sleep in and take care of my voice.

I brought my costume to the showing. We were asked to bring a “steam punk” outfit to fit with the theme. The theme is Don Juan is Dracula. Zerlina, my character, is bitten in the first act and is turned into a vampire in the second act. I brought a black corset and a long black skirt. I was given a red ribbon to lace my corset in the back. I may be getting red shoes as well. We shall see!


I was watching casts with their staging. With 3 casts, it’s difficult to get all the staging done in one day.

I was progressively getting better with the medicine I got from the pharmacy and Byron’s Thieves’ Oil essential oil.


After rehearsal, Jessica, Carli, and  I went to meet up with Lukas and Mike at a club. I wanted to go to a bachata/kizomba social. We went to Volksgarten at first…and it was the wrong club. We kept walking around and eventually ended up at Opera Club. I danced for a few songs and walked home.

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