Act 1 finally staged! :June 6th

10:00- 12:00 Silvia’s Masterclass

Silvia’s masterclass was great. She worked with several students, and some even in different languages. For Edgar, she spoke to him in Spanish. She used to be a professional singer, but now teaches mostly due to her children.

During the long break, I went to Otto Bauer, a cute little cafe/hipster place. We had delicious ginger lime lemonade for some of us at the table. I ordered a falafel patties with greens and a sort of hummus on the side. Yummy!


15:30-17:30 Suor Angelica Music Rehearsal

This was mostly a chorus rehearsal, so I didn’t have to present.


19:00-21:00 Don Giovanni Act 1 and Review Staging

We have finally finished act 1! But since certain people weren’t there or couldn’t sing, some of us flipped flopped casts. I got to work with Joel, the other Masetto for casts 2 and 3.  Jessica was having some vocal difficulties, so she asked me to sing for her. After finishing the first act, we went back to work on scenes we have yet to do.

Unfortunately, Daniel, my Don Giovanni for my cast, hadn’t done the blocking either. So, we stumled through the duet, but ended up watching two others who knew the staging while singing for them.


After the staging rehearsal, some cast members wanted to go out for a drink. Brenna, Zach, Adrian, and I wanted to go somewhere more quiet without as much smoke. We found this cute little Austrian place and had some Apfelstrudel and vodka shots. This has sort of become a little tradition after rehearsal! We had a great time!


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