Masterclass, Coaching, Wine, and Dancing: June 8th

10:00-12:00 Masterclass with Judith

Judith gave us an inside view on a singer’s life in Vienna. She had a very natural approach to her teaching and gave us a few exercises to work on our pelvic floor. She is also a recent mother and talked about the change in her technique.


I ate at the Yak und Yeti for another lunch buffet. This time, I ordered fresh guava juice with my meal. Delicious, relaxing, and full of sunshine in the garden.

Jessica and I went o, ver blocking for “La ci darem la mano”, since I never got a chance to work on it with my Don Giovanni.


14:30-15:00 Music Rehearsal with Zerlinas

We worked with Maestro on several sections, but mostly our first entrance.


16:00-17:00 Coaching with Daniel Sarge

I had a coaching with Daniel at KlavierGallerie. I sang through “Caro Nome” and “Sul fil d’un soffio etesio” with him. He gave me some great suggestions for repertoire, great pointers and I absolutely loved working with him. There’s too much to say on one blog post!


After rehearsal, we went to Heurigen. It’s like a biergarten with local wine in the 15th district. We ordered some white and red wines for the table and some sparkling water to dilute the mixture. I also ate a tomato mozzarella pesto salad with a cucumber salad. I didn’t end up finishing it, and gave it to Jubin instead. The wine was a bit strong, but we had fun time catching up with everyone.

We left Heurigen to go back to the hotel around 22:00. Some of us wanted to go to a few clubs. We left to go to Cactus, a local club in Schwedenplatz. We went together as a group and a fun time dancing. The music got boring and we went to another club with Latin music. There weren’t many dancers there, and Christie and I walked back to the hotel.

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