Trip to Salzburg: June 9th

After our late night, we left the hotel at 11:00am to go to the train station. We were spending the night in Salzburg.

We got to the train station and waited for our bus. I grabbed a quick green smoothie before the 3 hour train ride. I napped for 2. 🙂

We arrived in Salzburg and went to the hotel via the bus. It was the same hotel as the one in Vienna, but with Mozart themed carpet, artwork, and more!

Christie, Jessica, and I were all in a room together. We had a mini balcony area with a great view. We left the room shortly after to go to the city center to explore.

Our first stop was Mozart’s childhood house. It was filled with traditional instruments, personal letters, and paintings. The audio tour was very informative, but long. The group sped through the tour, while Christie and I stayed a little behind. We met everyone at the gift shop, and Vince said we should take a shot in honor of Mozart. They had dark and white chocolate liqueur. Mozart would have been proud.

Christie and I left to go get a bite to eat. There was a local Italian restaurant close by called L’Osteria. I got the mushroom risotto and Christie got gnocchi with shrimp. After our delicious lunch, Christie and I went closer to the Salzburg Dome.

I have been meaning to visit the place since I heard we had a day trip in Salzburg as part of the Vienna Summer Music Festival. This dome/cathedral holds a special place in my heart. When I first visited Austria seven years ago, that cathedral made me realize that I wanted to sing for the rest of my life.

Things had changed slightly in the seven years, and I didn’t recognize the cathedral at first. There was a chamber choir, chamber orchestra, and soloists performing a work inside. It completely complemented the atmosphere! I lit a candle to pay my respects to the divine music gods…and it was magical. The second I lit the candle, the choir and orchestra hit a beautiful dramatic chord. It felt right.

We walked around a little more, soaking in the intricate artwork. We may have choked up a little.

After the beautiful visit to the dome, we walked around some more shops and local churches. We went up to a rooftop terrace for more views of the city. We then met the group at a local restaurant and had a beer. We walked back to the bus station…and missed our stop. We walked back to the hotel (only a 5 minute walk) and promptly passed out in our beds.

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