Last few hours in Salzburg: June 10th

The hotel room had air conditioning, so we were all snuggled up in our blankets. We ate breakfast, left our luggage in the luggage room, and embarked on our journey for the day!

Christie and I decided to go to the fortress. On our way there, there was a tent with people from the Lion Foundation. It’s an international organization, sort of like the Key Club or Kiwanis Club. They are spreading awareness for their group…and gave us yellow roses and chocolate. Woohoo!

We took the lift to the top of the “castle” and walked around. People used to live there in the 1310’s!! Incredible restoration projects, but the view was even better.

We left the fortress, went down the lift, and went looking around some more shops before going to L’Osteria again for a lunch. I had an Hugo, my favorite cocktail, and a penne arrabbiata. Delicious!

We were doing well on time, so we headed back to the hotel via the bus. We collected our luggage and headed over to the train station. We were told to be there by 2. Another main group had apparently taken the wrong train, so we were waiting for the 2:52 train.

I snoozed for about an hour. We also played several games of Mafia on the train. A fun game with a large group of people.

When we got back to Vienna, we took the subway back to our hotel, dropped off some more things, and choose whether you wanted to go to an operetta at the Volksoper.

I had some work to finish, so I didn’t go. It was apparently a very funny show called “Die Bestle Student“.

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