Masterclass and Run Through: June 12th

10:00-12:30 Masterclass with Daniel Sarge

15:00-17:30 DG Run Through Cast 1

18:30-21:00 DG Run Through Cast 2

19:00 Lesson with Silvia


Daniel Sarge gave a masterclass about the similarities and differences between Viennese Classic Operas and Italian Verismo. (A lot to talk about!)

He also wanted to talk about lyric or dramatic rep according to some sessions he had with us. Sort of a general overview of what was touched on in each coaching with us.

He still wanted to keep it more like a workshop setting, and have us actively participate as much as possible. We did a few warmup exercises together as a group and each of us got to sing a song we worked on with him.


After the masterclass, we were told by Vince and Mike that our room had a situation. Gabrielle had horrible bug bites on her arm, and she was afraid they might be bed bugs. So, we made our way back to the hotel to stuff all of our clothes into bags. These bags would then be frozen, and then washed and dried at certain temperatures to kill the bugs.

We gathered all of our suitcases and moved into the room next door. Then straight back to rehearsal after a quick lunch.


Our run through was more of a stumble through, but it was great to finally piece everything together. Our theatre was at Langenfeldgasse, not far from the Conservatory where some of the cast goes to school.

After the run through, I changed to immediately go to Silvia’s apartment for a lesson. We sang through 3 different arias and I was vocally tired. I came back to rehearsal for the last 30 minutes. Afterwards, we went to Schwedenplatz to go to Castello’s for a late night dinner.

Thankfully, Yulia videoed a portion of the masterclass so I could hear what he was talking about. She showed me at the restaurant. 🙂

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