Staging Act 2: June 11th


11:00-13:00 DG Rehearsal Cast 1


14:30-16:30 DG Rehearsal Cast 2

18:00-20:00 DG Rehearsal Cast 3


We went to our rehearsal space for the last time to stage Act 2. We staged the sextet and “Vedrai carino” in the second act before breaking for lunch.

We went to a Vietnamese place with Pho for lunch and then came back for our second rehearsal with another cast. Some of us went outside to the courtyard to rehearse more of our parts or to get away from the hectic energy of staging!

After all of our rehearsals, a group of us went to “La Pancho”, a local Mexican restaurant. I went once before with Brenna, but we brought a group of 7 girls with us. The restaurant had great music with Reggaton, Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. I was swaying in my chair a little to the bachata music, and one of the servers asked if I dance. She and I danced a little and she introduced herself! She was very sweet and eager to come see our shows. We gave her all the details of where to go. She also told me another worker in the restaurant also dances very well. I finally asked her when we finished our dinner if he could dance with me. We danced to a song, and all the waiters were taking a video on their phones. I may or may not be featured on their website or social media…

They loved how fun we made the atmosphere, so they really appreciated it. She plans to come to my performance Thursday!

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