Rehearsal and Sitzprobe: June 13th

10:00-12:00 Outreach

13:00-15:30 DG Run Through

16:00-19:00 Sitzprobe

Our clothes were not washed this morning…even though the hotel had said they would be done the next morning. Turns out an inspector needed to come by and check to see if there were bed bugs. There is a specific way to wash and dry clothes apparently.


We were called to Langenfeldgasse at 10am for outreach to promote our shows. Multiple people were called, but most didn’t show up. 😦 We went to Schonbrunn to sing over there. We gave out a few posters, but ended up not getting a lot of singing done. We were in the sun a lot, walking around.


The Sitzprobe went well and we rehearsed through most of our ensemble and arias. After our sitzprobe, Christie and I went to Pizza Quartier to get dinner and some drinks after our long day of rehearsal. She got a pizza and I got zucchini risotto. We also got Hugos πŸ™‚

We were called at 21:00 for notes in the hotel lobby. Suor Angelica went over, so we didn’t start until 22:00. After getting my notes, I checked in with the front desk. My clothes were still not done. They hadn’t even washed them yet! 😦


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