Performance Day: June 15th

10:00-13:00 DG Cast 3 Piano Dress

14:00-17:00 DG Cast 1 Performance

19:00-21:00 DG Cast 2 Performance


Cast 3 had a dress rehearsal with piano at 10 am. Our rehearsal pianist, Hande, had another engagement and wasn’t able to be there. So, the rehearsal pianist for Suor Angelica agreed to play. But he has never played the opera before. And Maestro Christian wasn’t able to be there. His assistant Josep has worked with us a few times, but he sometimes uses slower tempi.

Needless to say, Cast 3 was a little on edge. And the rehearsal was stopped after Act 1, because the pianist had his own ideas, the assistant conductor had his own ideas, and the cast was trying to use Maestro’s tempi.


After the rehearsal, I went to grab lunch at Turkis. It was a holiday, so most places weren’t open. We ate and then got ready for the show. Before curtain, Maestro came backstage and gave us all Kazoos. We warmed up…with our Kazoos. ๐Ÿ™‚


The show went really well, but the orchestra had a few struggles with tempo in Leporello’s aria. When I sang Batti Batti, sections were off to the point where Maestro had to stop the aria. He asked me to sing the aria again from the beginning. The show went well after that. My blood pack during “Vedrai carino” exploded in my face. It looked super cool for the death scene with Commendatore.

We had a pretty decent crowd for our first show. My friend Alicia showed up with her flatmate. They loved it! After the performance, I went to an Italian restaurant close by for some yummy gnocchi. ๐Ÿ™‚


After the second performance, Christie and I went back to the hotel…exhausted! We went straight to bed.



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