Last Don Giovanni Performance and Suor Angelica: June 16th

14:00-17:00 DG Cast 3 Performance 

19:00-19:30 Music Theatre Showcase

20:00-21:00 Suor Angelica


Zach and I went to Schwedenplatz to get a slice of Sachertorte and a coffee. Afterwards, we went to Zara and Lush. We got back on the U4 to Landstraße to go to the mall and get Zach’s train ticket. We walked around a few shops and ended up getting fresh juices.

We got back at 13:00 to the performance space and I got back in costume. I got to die in the overture scene and come back during Giovanni’s aria in the second act.


We took more cast pictures and got an early dinner at the same Italian restaurant. I got a lemon spaghetti dish. So good!

We went back for the musical theatre showcase and Suor Angelica. I was asked to take pictures for the showcase. It went really well. We had a short pause, and then Suor Angelica. I was sitting next to an old man who brought his Suor Angelica score with him. He was following along with his little flashlight. He also hummed whenever there were wrong notes in the orchestra.



The show went really well. We had a local artist play as the statue of the Virgin Mary. She works at the Schonbrunn palace nearby as a statue. She was amazing. The conductor’s son played Suor Angelica’s son that comes to her at the end of the opera. (I won’t spoil the ending, if you have never seen the piece.)


After the show, we striked everything from the theatre and headed back to the hotel. We were meeting up with the rest of the cast at a bar called Heuer. People had some drinks, and then we headed to a tequila bar for some latin music. We got a small group together and danced for a little bit.


Performance Day: June 15th

10:00-13:00 DG Cast 3 Piano Dress

14:00-17:00 DG Cast 1 Performance

19:00-21:00 DG Cast 2 Performance


Cast 3 had a dress rehearsal with piano at 10 am. Our rehearsal pianist, Hande, had another engagement and wasn’t able to be there. So, the rehearsal pianist for Suor Angelica agreed to play. But he has never played the opera before. And Maestro Christian wasn’t able to be there. His assistant Josep has worked with us a few times, but he sometimes uses slower tempi.

Needless to say, Cast 3 was a little on edge. And the rehearsal was stopped after Act 1, because the pianist had his own ideas, the assistant conductor had his own ideas, and the cast was trying to use Maestro’s tempi.


After the rehearsal, I went to grab lunch at Turkis. It was a holiday, so most places weren’t open. We ate and then got ready for the show. Before curtain, Maestro came backstage and gave us all Kazoos. We warmed up…with our Kazoos. 🙂


The show went really well, but the orchestra had a few struggles with tempo in Leporello’s aria. When I sang Batti Batti, sections were off to the point where Maestro had to stop the aria. He asked me to sing the aria again from the beginning. The show went well after that. My blood pack during “Vedrai carino” exploded in my face. It looked super cool for the death scene with Commendatore.

We had a pretty decent crowd for our first show. My friend Alicia showed up with her flatmate. They loved it! After the performance, I went to an Italian restaurant close by for some yummy gnocchi. 🙂


After the second performance, Christie and I went back to the hotel…exhausted! We went straight to bed.



Dress Rehearsals: June 14th


10:00-13:00 DG Cast 1 Piano Dress

14:00-17:00 DG Cast 2 Orchestra Dress


We had our piano dress rehearsal at 10 am. We worked with costumes, props, full makeup and hair. I got to try out the blood pack we would be using in the performance with my bite with Masetto in “Vedrai carino”.

I grabbed a quick lunch at the Turkis at the station nearby. For the second run, I took pictures for cast 2. We haven’t had many rehearsals with the orchestra, so there were some start and stop moments.

After rehearsal, Christie and I came back to the hotel to make some soup and tea. After Gabrielle returned from her Suor Angelica dress rehearsal, we decided to go to Schwedenplatz to walk around. We didn’t want to stay out too late, since we had a performance early tomorrow.

Rehearsal and Sitzprobe: June 13th

10:00-12:00 Outreach

13:00-15:30 DG Run Through

16:00-19:00 Sitzprobe

Our clothes were not washed this morning…even though the hotel had said they would be done the next morning. Turns out an inspector needed to come by and check to see if there were bed bugs. There is a specific way to wash and dry clothes apparently.


We were called to Langenfeldgasse at 10am for outreach to promote our shows. Multiple people were called, but most didn’t show up. 😦 We went to Schonbrunn to sing over there. We gave out a few posters, but ended up not getting a lot of singing done. We were in the sun a lot, walking around.


The Sitzprobe went well and we rehearsed through most of our ensemble and arias. After our sitzprobe, Christie and I went to Pizza Quartier to get dinner and some drinks after our long day of rehearsal. She got a pizza and I got zucchini risotto. We also got Hugos 🙂

We were called at 21:00 for notes in the hotel lobby. Suor Angelica went over, so we didn’t start until 22:00. After getting my notes, I checked in with the front desk. My clothes were still not done. They hadn’t even washed them yet! 😦


Masterclass and Run Through: June 12th

10:00-12:30 Masterclass with Daniel Sarge

15:00-17:30 DG Run Through Cast 1

18:30-21:00 DG Run Through Cast 2

19:00 Lesson with Silvia


Daniel Sarge gave a masterclass about the similarities and differences between Viennese Classic Operas and Italian Verismo. (A lot to talk about!)

He also wanted to talk about lyric or dramatic rep according to some sessions he had with us. Sort of a general overview of what was touched on in each coaching with us.

He still wanted to keep it more like a workshop setting, and have us actively participate as much as possible. We did a few warmup exercises together as a group and each of us got to sing a song we worked on with him.


After the masterclass, we were told by Vince and Mike that our room had a situation. Gabrielle had horrible bug bites on her arm, and she was afraid they might be bed bugs. So, we made our way back to the hotel to stuff all of our clothes into bags. These bags would then be frozen, and then washed and dried at certain temperatures to kill the bugs.

We gathered all of our suitcases and moved into the room next door. Then straight back to rehearsal after a quick lunch.


Our run through was more of a stumble through, but it was great to finally piece everything together. Our theatre was at Langenfeldgasse, not far from the Conservatory where some of the cast goes to school.

After the run through, I changed to immediately go to Silvia’s apartment for a lesson. We sang through 3 different arias and I was vocally tired. I came back to rehearsal for the last 30 minutes. Afterwards, we went to Schwedenplatz to go to Castello’s for a late night dinner.

Thankfully, Yulia videoed a portion of the masterclass so I could hear what he was talking about. She showed me at the restaurant. 🙂

Staging Act 2: June 11th


11:00-13:00 DG Rehearsal Cast 1


14:30-16:30 DG Rehearsal Cast 2

18:00-20:00 DG Rehearsal Cast 3


We went to our rehearsal space for the last time to stage Act 2. We staged the sextet and “Vedrai carino” in the second act before breaking for lunch.

We went to a Vietnamese place with Pho for lunch and then came back for our second rehearsal with another cast. Some of us went outside to the courtyard to rehearse more of our parts or to get away from the hectic energy of staging!

After all of our rehearsals, a group of us went to “La Pancho”, a local Mexican restaurant. I went once before with Brenna, but we brought a group of 7 girls with us. The restaurant had great music with Reggaton, Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. I was swaying in my chair a little to the bachata music, and one of the servers asked if I dance. She and I danced a little and she introduced herself! She was very sweet and eager to come see our shows. We gave her all the details of where to go. She also told me another worker in the restaurant also dances very well. I finally asked her when we finished our dinner if he could dance with me. We danced to a song, and all the waiters were taking a video on their phones. I may or may not be featured on their website or social media…

They loved how fun we made the atmosphere, so they really appreciated it. She plans to come to my performance Thursday!

Last few hours in Salzburg: June 10th

The hotel room had air conditioning, so we were all snuggled up in our blankets. We ate breakfast, left our luggage in the luggage room, and embarked on our journey for the day!

Christie and I decided to go to the fortress. On our way there, there was a tent with people from the Lion Foundation. It’s an international organization, sort of like the Key Club or Kiwanis Club. They are spreading awareness for their group…and gave us yellow roses and chocolate. Woohoo!

We took the lift to the top of the “castle” and walked around. People used to live there in the 1310’s!! Incredible restoration projects, but the view was even better.

We left the fortress, went down the lift, and went looking around some more shops before going to L’Osteria again for a lunch. I had an Hugo, my favorite cocktail, and a penne arrabbiata. Delicious!

We were doing well on time, so we headed back to the hotel via the bus. We collected our luggage and headed over to the train station. We were told to be there by 2. Another main group had apparently taken the wrong train, so we were waiting for the 2:52 train.

I snoozed for about an hour. We also played several games of Mafia on the train. A fun game with a large group of people.

When we got back to Vienna, we took the subway back to our hotel, dropped off some more things, and choose whether you wanted to go to an operetta at the Volksoper.

I had some work to finish, so I didn’t go. It was apparently a very funny show called “Die Bestle Student“.